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ZomBees discovered in the Eastern U.S.


Apocephalus borealis
pupae and adults have been confirmed from a sample of honey bees taken from
under a porch light in Burlington, Vermont.  This is the first case of parasitism by the zombie fly in
honey bees from the eastern ... - more

Zombie flies detected in Belgium


Molecular assays detected Apocephalus borealis in 31% of a
sample of 363 honey bee hives from Belgium. If confirmed, this would
mean that the zombie fly has been introduced into Europe where it could
European ... - more

Parasitic Phorid flies confirmed in Washington


The first Apocephalus borealis of the season emerged over the weekend from honey bees collected in the Lynnwood Washington area. Larvae are still emerging as of today. http://bit.ly/131... - more

ZomBees make NBC News' top 10 list of zombie animals!


Zombie bees: A parasitic fly known as Apocephalus borealis can inject its eggs into a honeybee's abdomen, where the fly larvae mature. The parasitized bees abandon their hives and walk in circles — but eventually they fall over. "It really ... - more