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ZomBees make NBC News' top 10 list of zombie animals!


Zombie bees: A parasitic fly known as Apocephalus borealis can inject its eggs into a honeybee's abdomen, where the fly larvae mature. The parasitized bees abandon their hives and walk in circles — but eventually they fall over. "It really ... - more

Google Science Fair 2013 Hangout On Air with "The ZomBee Hunter," Professor John Hafernik


Want to become a "ZomBee hunter"? An unexpected observation led Professor John Hafernik to a new honey bee parasite, the zombie fly, Apocephalus borealis. Parasitized bees become disoriented, fly to lights at night and behave like zombie bees. Now you ... - more

Awesome video of a Zombie Fly larvae.


This is a macro video of a zombie bee larvae from a captured honey bee that was infected. It took the larva about 2 weeks to emerge and become visible. This sample was sent off to WSU for additional study. ... - more

More ZomBee's found in WA!


University Place man finds a grisly 'zombie bee'. Read more - more