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Parasitic Phorid flies confirmed in Washington


The first Apocephalus borealis of the season emerged over the weekend from honey bees collected in the Lynnwood Washington area. Larvae are still emerging as of today. http://bit.ly/131... - more

ZomBees make NBC News' top 10 list of zombie animals!


Zombie bees: A parasitic fly known as Apocephalus borealis can inject its eggs into a honeybee's abdomen, where the fly larvae mature. The parasitized bees abandon their hives and walk in circles — but eventually they fall over. "It really ... - more

Google Science Fair 2013 Hangout On Air with "The ZomBee Hunter," Professor John Hafernik


Want to become a "ZomBee hunter"? An unexpected observation led Professor John Hafernik to a new honey bee parasite, the zombie fly, Apocephalus borealis. Parasitized bees become disoriented, fly to lights at night and behave like zombie bees. Now you ... - more

Awesome video of a Zombie Fly larvae.


This is a macro video of a zombie bee larvae from a captured honey bee that was infected. It took the larva about 2 weeks to emerge and become visible. This sample was sent off to WSU for additional study. ... - more