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Science Cheerleaders Hand Out ZomBee Watch Kits


SciStarter and the Science Cheerleaders handed out ZomBee-Watch and Meet-Your-Mites kits at the Cambridge Science Festival at MIT.  These kits, produced in cooperation with SciStarter, promote hands-on involvement by citizen scientists in these projects. Click here to find out more. - more

ZomBee Watch featured in SparkDialog Podcast


Listen to SparkDialog's Dr. Elizabeth Fernandez interview ZomBee Watch's John Hafernik about bees, zombees and citizen science. - more

Sandwich, MA Students Hunt ZomBees


Seventh graders from the Sandwich, Massachusetts STEM Academy have joined with ZomBee Watch and the Planet Bee Foundation  to search for honey bees parasitized by the zombie fly Apocephalus borealis.  So far, zombie bees have not been recorded from Massachusetts.  ... - more

Kids' Zombee Projects Win Awards


The JP2 Rockslides from Zimmerman MN won first in their division and third overall in the MN 2017 State Robotics Tournament.  Their research project included providing light traps to beekeepers to test for zombie fly infections.  Now they are off ... - more