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ZomBee Watch Featured on BNN Canada


ZomBee watch was featured on BNN TV in Canada.  View the latest on the discovery of zombie bees in Canada and learn more about the ZomBee Watch Project. - more

First ZomBees from Canada


The first honey bees from Canada infected with the zombie fly Apocephalus borealis have been discovered by Vancouver Island citizen scientist and beekeeper Sarah Wallbank.  Sarah noticed bees from her hive being attracted to light and began uploading samples to ... - more

Second Record from Virginia


A second record of Apocephalus borealis parasitizing honey bees has been confirmed from Virginia, this time from Pulaski County.  Check out the ZomBee Watch map. - more

Help needed finding zombie bees in NC


Read Stephen Ginley's article about ZomBee Watch in the Raleigh, North Carolina News and Observer. - more