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Zombee Watch in NatGeo


Great news article in National Geographic about ZomBee Watch research. Read more - more

Zombee Watch in the ABJ


ZomBeeWatch.org team is outfitting infected honeybees with tiny radio trackers to learn more about parasitized honeybees. Read more - more

OPB EarthFix


Something very important to the growing recognition that the Phorid fly, Apocephalus borealis, is a problem for bees that has gone unrecognized, and we now need the help of all beekeepers and Citizen Scientists to determine the extent of their ... - more

Zombee Watch in the Daily Mail


ZomBee Watch Research received great press coverage from the Daily Mail. Beekeepers in the UK and across Europe are now looking for the Zombie Fly. We welcome their findings at ZomBeeWatch.org. Read more - more