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Citizen Scientists featured in AP Story


Citizen scientists Joe Naughton and Robert MacKimmie are featured in a video and print story from the Associated Press on the discovery of ZomBees in New York State.  - more

A Second Record of ZomBees from NY


Harold Hahn from Kingston, New York has recorded the second confirmed record of Apocephalus borealis infecting honey bees in the state of New York. - more

First ZomBee from New York State


ZomBee Watch participant Joseph Naughton has discovered the first New York State honey bee parasitized by The zombie fly, Apocephalus borealis. The bee was captured at his porch light.This is the third record of A. borealis parasitizing honey bees in ... - more

'Zombees' put beekeepers on edge


Check out this article in the Scranton Times-Tribune about zombees in Pennsylvania.  It contains a nice interview with Sherry Grenzberg, the beekeeper who first discovered zombees in the Mid Atlantic States.  The story was also picked up by Bloomberg Business - more