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Lynn Berry Interviewed About his Discovery


Watch "Zombie bees" showing up in Henry County from WSLS Channel 10 in Roanoke Virginia. - more

Mysterious 'Zombie Bee' Scourge Reaches Southern US


Check out the ABC News/Associated Press story on Citizen Scientist Lynn Berry's  discovery of zombie bees in Virginia. - more

First ZomBee from Virginia


Collinsville Virginia beekeeper Lynn Berry is the first citizen scientist to discover Apocephalus borealis in a honey bee from a southern state.. Berry noticed bees congregating near his garage lights, but thought nothing of it
until a state inspector came ... - more

ZomBee Watch on Southern CA Public Radio


Check out the interview between ZomBee Watch's John Hafernik and talk show host A. Martinez on KPCC-Southern California Public Radio. - more