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Citizen Sci Projects - ZomBees and More!


October and November are the perfect months to be on the lookout for zombees. Visit the SciStarter blog to find out about citizen science projects for Halloween and beyond. - more

Global Risk of Invasion of the Zombie Fly


Using data from ZomBee Watch, museum records and ecological modelling scientists from the University of Bristol, San Francisco State University, the Natural History Museum of LA County and the Chinese Academy of Sciences show that vast areas of Europe, Asia, ... - more

Be on the Alert for ZomBees!


We're coming into the time of the year when the honey bees are most likely to be parasitized by the zombie fly.  Be on the alert for honey bees acting strangely, especially if you see bees around lights at night.  ... - more

ZomBee Watch Honored for 2019


 ZomBee Watch has been listed as one of the top Citizen Science Projects for 2019 by SciStarter. - more